Recap of the Agroforestry course | April 2024

Ananda Valley buzzed with activity from April 12th to 17th as we hosted our 4th edition of the Agroforestry Couse. Eight enthusiastic participants embarked on a journey of learning and doing.

On the first day we immersed directly into the world of syntropic farming, diving into its core by learning and exploring the numerous concepts as well as the philosophy behind it. With a fresh and a nourished mind, the following days were dedicated to translating theory into practice as we started to implement our designs in two different lands. 

The first task was organising the biomass, wooden trunks, laid along the edges of the tree line beds, served both as boundary markers and nutrient sources for the plants to come. Following meticulously planned distances, we marked the planting positions and brought life to the soil with a lot of different plant species. The selection ranged from fruit trees like plum, kiwi, apricot, pomegranate and so on, to forest trees like poplars and willows, as well as flowering shrubs such as viburnum, ligustrum, and honeysuckle. A generous amount of organic material was placed along the lines, ensuring an adequate soil moisture, and finally, to complete, sunflower, datura and calendula seeds were sowed and the beds were watered in order to offer a welcoming environment for the new plants in the system. Each plant, a promise of future growth.

Beyond the classroom, nature became our teacher. A fun outdoor session involved analysing the surrounding ecosystems with the aim to identify any challenges the ecosystem faced and brainstorm potential regeneration and conservation strategies. Our course culminated by the river beach with an open space for discussions and for more personal and meticulous questions.

Five days of intense learning unfolded under sunny skies, surrounded by beautiful people and amidst the breathtaking beauty of Ananda Valley. Together, we accomplished a feat: planting approximately 400 new plants! We left not only with knowledge but also with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed connection to the land.

Here, a special thank you goes to Ruben Costa of Planta Floresta, our facilitator. His passion for Agroforestry was truly contagious throughout the whole time, inspiring us and leaving a spark in all of us.


Some testimonials from our participants:

“The course Syntropic Agroforestry gave me the confidence and a understanding how to serve motherearth and my desire to create in nature in a dance of Natural law and Light. How to feed the soil and how to plant in cycles and layers to make a healthy place. Ananda valley offers a great containment in learning with consciousness.”         


“I subscribed to an Agroflorestry training at Ananda Kalyani. More than just a theoretical course, principles and philosophy was exposed which I have appreciated: thanks Ruben Costa for transmitting your knowledge,  your care and your openness. The practice was as well a great part of it with all the group.Thank you Raveesh and Jivanmukta for the Yoga in the morning was so welcome. Thank you Guilherme for the organisation and the siging and meditation time at the end of the day. Thanks Paul as well for all your care. Thanks Frederico and Ema for your cooking. Thanks Irma and all that I forget who contributed to feel me very welcome as resourcing  retreat inside your community. All the best for each of you, for the Ananda community and your humble values that are growing inside you, and for Rui and his lovely family.”        

            –Philippe de Oliveira