Pruning Course

In the more recent times in the rural area of Portugal, more and more people with no background on land care are moving here. The new revitalization of rural areas with new people, who are taking their first steps in the rural world, lack the necessary skills and knowledge in the technical field of managing a homestead. Pruning is one of them.
Acquiring the minimum knowledge of how to prune will enable plants to live longer and to better interpretation of their needs.
The sense of frustration that we feel before, during and after a pruning session is a sense of responsibility that must be refined throughout this training, we can alter this feeling in a positive way by having an idea of what the plant really needs (or doesn’t).
In this course we will learn the art of pruning on several fruit trees. This course is composed of a residential practical workshop on the 17 and 18 of February 2024 and several online theoretical sessions the week before. Dates and details to be announced soon.
What this course offers:
* Online theoretical sessions;
* A tailor made pruning guide book for this course;
* Practical experience in pruning a variety of fruit trees at different stages of development;
* An opportunity to get to know the spiritual community of Ananda Kalyani and experience their way of life.

After this introductory course the participants will have achieved the following:
* Recognizing when a tree needs to be pruned, how to proceed with the operation and with what intensity;
* Understanding the different types of pruning, their differences and when to do them;
* Acquiring the necessary technical knowledge to revitalize a degraded orchard.

 The teacher:
Claúdio Esberard has several decades of experience. He started as a professional working in high end gardens in Cascais. During this time he was reading and learning from several mentors about the art of pruning. He then moved on to start his own agroforestry system in Idanha-a-nova where he perfected and developed his own way of pruning.
This pruning course has a cost of 150€ and it includes all main meals during the time of the residential weekend.
The accommodation is an extra cost and you can see and choose the different options that suits you better in the registration form bellow.
See you soon!