Greentech Meetings

GreenTech Meetings


In the last months, several meetings took place so that the project GreenTech could start to evolve. The meetings with partners and people involved allowed experience and knowledge to be shared since the areas of both main partners (EcoAtivo and Zirak) are different. 

This project promotes the share of knowledge and experiences that allow both partners to view the different problems and consequently their tecnological solutions .


Even tho the KSA ( Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) in the sector of sustainability are more present in EcoAtivo, both partners will accire extra specific tools on this area development. It was a main goal to apply solutions with a focused methodology for the participative education of adults, not only radom citizens but as well professionals. 


These partnerships reinforce the capacity of team work transnationally, encouraging intersectorality and reciprocity in sharing and integrating as an important component in the exchange of experiences and technology ith the purpose of developing technological tools for the environment.


The GreenTech Project emerges in partnership with an Italian technology company, Zirak, promoting the sharing of knowledge and experiences between the two entities to foster spaces for observation, reflection and debate on environemental issues and their potential technological solutions. The project also aims to develop specific tools on this matter.

There is thus a need to find methodologies for the participatory education of adults, both for citizens and professionals. Theses partnerships strengthen the teams ability to work transnationally, promoting intersectoral collaboration and reciprocity in sharing essencially integrating the exchange of experiences and technologies while developing technological tools for the contect of environmental protection and regeneration.


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