In the past days, from 18th to 25th of November, another training course for youth workers took place. This time it was held in São Luis, Odemira at the Rural Learning Center with a total of 35 participants focusing on the theme “Green skills for a regenerative future”. 

The program of this training course incorporated elements of the head, heart and hands. While the first two days promoted a balance among these three elements, the thirsd day shifted the focus to our heads to create a secure and more objetive foundation for future projects. The EU Youth strategy, the four horizontal priorities of the Eramus + program, and the 11 European Youth Goals were addressed Following this introduction, participants were introduced to the skeletal structure that can be used in the process of creaing a project. As for the hands, they were put to use in implementating joint ideas and dynamics. 

These were days of much sharing, connection and empowerment, prioritizing dreams and the desired impact on communities. 

In the next video you can see some of the beautiful moments and knowledge that were shared during these days.

In these sharings we mainly focused on the knowledge about the urgent and beautiful opportunities that can be created when we learn how to grow our own food and how to do it in an agroforest system. In the end there was still space for traditional regional circle singing that promotes this, so necessary, space of cooperation behond boarders. 

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