Agroforesty Course

In the next month of April EcoAtivo presents to you one more opportunity to learn about the amazing Agroforest method.Using the tools and outlook brought by syntropic agriculture, this course offers a new possibility for the creation of an Agroforest, which brings together all the advantages of organic production, with the additional ones of being […]

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Pruning Course

In the more recent times in the rural area of Portugal, more and more people with no background on land care are moving here. The new revitalization of rural areas with new people, who are taking their first steps in the rural world, lack the necessary skills and knowledge in the technical field of managing

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Greentech Meetings

GreenTech Meetings   In the last months, several meetings took place so that the project GreenTech could start to evolve. The meetings with partners and people involved allowed experience and knowledge to be shared since the areas of both main partners (EcoAtivo and Zirak) are different.  This project promotes the share of knowledge and experiences

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Newsletter Outubro 2021

“A nossa geração está a enfrentar desafios históricos, nunca antes presenciados. A crise social, ambiental e econômica que vivemos chegou a níveis que parecem impossíveis de resolver. Mas a verdade é que as soluções existem e são simples de entender.” 🌱 🌱 🌱 Outubro foi mais um mês cheio de atividades. Organizámos 5 workshops, 1

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Newsletter Setembro 2021

Setembro marca a nossa primeira Newsletter. Neste mês organizamos 6 workshops, 3 ações de formação e 1 caminhada. No total tivemos 73 participantes nas nossas atividades. Foram 4 semanas muito intensas para a nossa associação! 🌿 🌿 🌿 Deixamos aqui em baixo o registo de algumas destas atividades que organizamos. WORKSHOPS E AÇÕES DE FORMAÇÃO

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