EcoAtivo's purpose

EcoAtivo is an association where the main goal is to promote and educate for a regenerative work through the empowerment of the relationship between human beings and the environment. This is considered a social goal and so it can only make sense with the empowerment of young people and educators, so thats where our focus stands with Erasmus programs.

Throughout the year we follow an holistc approach which works at several levels: environmental education, design and implementation of regenerative projects and policy development for environmental conservation. 

Our mainly action happens in the region of Cova da Beira, central Portugal, where land and nature protection has been forgotten with most of the youth emigrating in the past 50 years.


Back 2 Nature 2023 | Youth Exchange

This project, happening bewteen the 8th and 19th of August,  was an opportunity for young people from different countries to gather, live and work together in one shared project in Ananda Kallyani (Ourondo, Portugal), the one that organizes and receives de event. It aims to educate through non-formal methods using activities such workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays and outdoor activities.

In this one the countries present were: Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Latvia, The Republic of North Macedonia, Portugal and Spain. 

The main goals and intentions of the project were on raising awareness for the relationship and impact between human beings and nature. 


– Intercultural interaction, cooperation and cration of long term connections amongst participants;
– Promote sustainability and healthy lifestyles;
– Demonstrate how having a harmonious relationship with nature is deeply connected to the well being of all of us;
– Provide oppotunities and practical tools for the participants to become active citizens in relation to the environment;
– Promote sustainability and healthy lifestyles;



Green Skills | Training Course

A Training Course on the other hand, its a program that goes deeper in one subject and its considered a training opportunitie since is focusing on non formal education. These ones are mainly directioned for educators and social workers. There is no age limitation and the participants must join through an university, a training center or other organization. 

These programs can go from 2 days until 2 months depending on the type of program and all the expenses are covered by the European union. 

The Training Courses support the professional development of youth workers trough training or networking. The exchange that can be done with workers in the same areas from different cultures and realities is considered extremely beneficial in terms of creativity and adaptability to new challenges or some difficulties already existing. 

Green Skills was the last Training Course developed by EcoAtivo team. This one, focused on a regenerative future, gave space for growing together on a sharing space while dynamics on project development were build up. 


GreenTech | KA2

KA2 is a project typology included in Erasmus+ program types. This type of program includes cooperation for innovation and good experiences among higher education institutions, companies or other skateholders. 

GreenTech as one main project EcoAtivo holds on KA2 type,  happens in partnership with a technologic Italian company named Zirak, aiming to promote the share of knowledge and experiences between the two as well as fomenting spaces of observation as well for the community.

These partneships enchance teams ability to work transactionally, promoting intersectoriality and reciprocity in sharing, essentially integrating the exchange of experiences and technologies while developing technological tools for the context of environmental protection and regeneration. All this is empowered through the connections made with the different local organizations in the community.